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Thread: Resetting Bentley TPMS

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    Resetting Bentley TPMS

    This thread is to discuss resetting Bentley TPMS.

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    Bentley TPMS is an auto relearn - the car will add the new serial numbers on its own once inflated and driven.

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    Is it the same for a 2008 Flying Spur?

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    Yes, same for both.
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    I have a 2012 bentley continental gt. I have going to change a new set of rims for my car.
    Probably to 22". Anything I need to be aware of regarding the TPMS?
    Do I need to get a new set of TPMS or can I reset it and it will auto learn?

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    You can do either, use your stock set in the new wheels or get another set. The Bentley will auto relearn, no tools required.
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    Here is a link on how to reset Bentley TPMS http://www.tpmsrelearn.com/2016/12/05/porsche-1/

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