First, I would like to thank Mike Ross for the invitation to share our EezTire TPMS system with you. My name is Tom and I handle the Tech Support for the EezTire systems.

The EezTire T515 system is a recent upgrade to our T508 system which we have offered for a number of years.

The EezTire TPMS system offers one of the largest monitors on the market for TPMS system and will monitor up to 22 tires and 210 PSI.

Our system is manufactured by one of the top rated factories for TPMS systems with nearly 10 years in the TPMS industry and their primary focus has been large vehicle tire monitoring. The EezTire system monitors High Pressure, Low Pressure, High Temperature and Fast Leak/Catastrophic Failure (blow out). You receive 3 alarm an audible beeping, a red light flashing on the monitor and it will lock on the tire and give a plain text warning "Low Pressure," etc..


Uses the latest German INFINEON IC technology means a sensor size 1/3 less than the typical sensor on the market and replaceable batteries with a 3-4 year life expectancy!

One of the largest monitors on the market for a TPMS system - a full 3 1/2 inches in diameter!

Why Choose Our Model over Another

We have designed and developed top of the line, new age wireless tire pressure monitoring systems designed for the RV and Transportation Industry. Our system is designed as a safety feature to allow drivers to monitor both the tire pressure and temperature of the tires on their RV, Trailers or Tow Vehicle. There are several benefits to using EEZ RV PRODUCTS TPMS systems; when a tire failure occurs on a trailer, significant damage can occur to the trailer before the driver has any knowledge of the blowout. In addition, tires running at optimal tire pressure and temperature (the two main causes of tire failure in the
trailer application) will improve fuel economy and extend the life of your tires. EEZ RV PRODUCTS TPMS is the most economical, environmentally friendly solution to your RV, Trailers and Tow Vehicle needs.

EEZ RV PRODUCTS TPMS SYSTEM is one of the easiest systems on the market for installation and operation.

The system comes with a monitor that can handle up to 22 wheels up to 210 psi if needed and the sensors have replaceable batteries meaning the system will never become obsolete so long as the common generic CR1632 cell battery is available.

The EEZ RV PRODUCTS SYSTEM offers a method of also dropping the towed vehicle and then picking it back up again when connected. The monitor scrolls automatically through each wheel measuring tire pressure and temperature whilst displaying it on the monitor. Alarms can be preset by the operator so visible and audible alarms can warn the driver of pending deflations, over pressures and high temperatures etc. The alarms and monitoring are sent wirelessly real time to the cab allowing the operator to monitor tires that are out of their vision. This new system has wheel sensors with extra power to reach monitor to sensor distances of up to 53 feet, an optional booster/repeater is also available for rigs longer than 53 feet.

EEZ RV PRODUCTS system monitor has its own rechargeable battery pack the monitor can be used as a handheld wireless tire pressure gauge when the operator walks around their vehicle and trailer and adjusts the tire pressures. Sensor locks and a hard wire cable are also included in the base system at no extra cost.


3 1/2 inch screen with plane text read out, no need to remember what icons or symbols mean.
Built in Lithium Battery which holds a charge for up 60 hours of continuous usage between charges. (comes with auxiliary charger and hard wire kit)
Built in motion sensor so if it does not sense a vibration for 15 minutes it will go into energy saver mode. It will automatically resume full power when a motion is sensed.
Built in light meter which will activate the back light as it starts to get dark. This can also be activated with a sweep of the hand.
Low profile - high efficiency antenna built into the monitor. (no antenna wires to run)
3 mounts are provided with the system (suction cup style, fixed hard mount, low profile pop in mount)

Monitor Features
•Reliable and easy to install
•Large LCD screen. Built-in rechargeable lithium battery
•Automatic backlight.
•Configurable high/low pressure warnings.
•Configurable high temperature warnings.
•Visible and audible alerts.
•Selectable pressure units.
•Monitors up to 22 tires maximum.
•Long range between sensors and monitor (Optional Booster/Repeater available for rigs over 53 feet) .
•Per axle measurements can be configured on the tractor


We offer both Flow-Through Sensors and Anti-Theft sensors at no additional cost.
All sensors have replaceable batteries which are a common CR1632 battery and can be changed by you.

With the re-engineering of our Anti-Theft T515 sensor we converted to a German IC Board which allowed us to reduce the sensor size by approx. 1/3 the size of our older sensor and extended the battery life to 3-4 years vs. 1-2 years on our original sensor.

The Flow-Through sensor has a 1-2 year battery life. Sensors transmit the tire pressure and temperature

Sensor Features
•System comes with 6 Sensors, Additional Sensors Are Sold Separately As Needed
•Sensor Replaces Existing Valve Caps
•3-4 Year Battery Life, Replaceable Batteries
•Light Weight – No Need For Rebalancing Tires
•Monitors Both Pressure and Temperature
•Water resistant
•Individually coded sensors.
•Anti-theft design


Please feel free to contact me with any questions.